It's a big galaxy with trillions of people. Quark has met a lot of people in his bar (and when he was an errant trader on Ferengi ships). This Far. Directed by None of these are public declarations (we seldom see any character doing that kind of thing) but I get the sense that Picard was no longer so proud that he couldn't admit a lapse in judgment, particularly one that had such historical importance. share. PTKFGS Quark teaches art class "The Line Must Be Drawn Here" is a line of dialogue spoken by Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the movie "Star Trek: First Contact." He has also quoted...other things. Quark probably had no idea about that quote. During "Little Green Men" he says "all I ask is a tall ship, and a load of contraband to fill her with." This is the first time we have seen Picard address his Borg past on this level since his famous "the line must be drawn here !" He acts educated, even for a Ferengi. And just like with Star Fleet and them fighting their own assimilated former friends, Quark can only see the ones he loves as the agents of this foul change his brother the new "leader" already corrupted by foreign ideas both Federation and Bajoran and married to an alien, his nephew turned into a soldier by the Federation to fight in their wars. Quark's speech about Ferengi values and how "the line must be drawn here; this far, no further" was a deliberate tribute to Patrick Stewart's in Star Trek: First Contact (1996). Report. On losing contact with him, Kira realizes the three are stranded on Cardassia Prime; they carefully start making their getaway. In-universe date 'He's plotting a new offensive from his secret mountain hideaway.' "Damar's alive, my cousin saw him on Kelvas Prime.' The drinks will continue to be watered down, the dabo tables will still be rigged, the staff will continue to be underpaid and overworked. “The line must be drawn here!” Star Trek: First Contact Keith R.A. DeCandido. report. However, I'm trying to go for being promoted to Chief and not be a crewman all my reddit life here at the Strom... besides, why would a Ferengi care about lines unless there was profit to be gained. Odo then asks what the Federation intends to do about it. Goes like "until here and no further!" By "Tapestry" he seems far more open about his past - he freely talks about things with Riker at the end of the episode, including about the same incident. Quark's will be the last outpost of the old Ferenginar. With all the potential reforms, a conservative Ferengi like Quark would want to reference his roots in such a time of stress. "The line must be drawn here! It's a little more than just a legend. ... Quark has a troubling relationship with the Grand Nagus :/ 220. A fan-made recreation … Chief of Starfleet Operations (individual),, This episode takes its title from the play, Although this episode was relatively unaffected by any of the last minute changes made over the course of the previous seven episodes (such as moving the wedding from ", Prior to beginning The Final Chapter, the writers had discussed the possibility of having, Originally, after deciding that Rom was to become Nagus, the first draft of the, No one was happier than actor Armin Shimerman that Quark didn't become Nagus, but instead, stayed exactly where he was seven years previously; ". One of the most common shape in most QuarkXPress layouts is a line. We could cop out and go with "line in the mud", due to the Homeworld's wet climate. Firstly as Quark does Sloane could have used it an entirely different context without any indented harm to the timeline. Odo sees that the decision has been made and realizes there is no use in protesting it. For those who don't remember the scene, Quark and Rom are having a rather loud discussion about the social reforms happening on the homeworld. Quark is astounded at the sudden turn of events, even more so when Rom happily gives Quark the bar and the latinum he paid him for it back for free. That's why it's called 'free'! Popilius, stern and imperious as ever, drew a circle round the king with the stick he was carrying and said, "Before you step out of that circle give me a reply to lay before the senate." While Quark returns to running the bar, the unassuming Rom begins his new tenure as Grand Nagus. Production number: 40510-574 So let's continue this motif. '", "It's never too early to suck up to the boss! Out of universe, of course it is just a nod to First Contact. Copy link to clipboard. Posted by 2 years ago. So, your 10 -20 is the right ball park maybe a few orders of magnitude lower still. Odo gives the captain his word, but before he leaves notes that while the Federation is officially condemning Section 31's ethics and tactics they are more than happy to turn a blind eye when they need the dirty work being done. A subreddit for in-depth discussion about Star Trek. No further!". In DS9's wardroom, Sisko, Ross, Romulan Sub-Commander Velal, and Klingon Chancellor Martok discuss the Dominion's pullback and their new defensive perimeter. The loving couple comforts one another, while on the horizon is the end of the Dominion War, and the release of the Pah-wraiths…, "I don't get it. It was a desperate hour for the Federation. 'He faked his own death.' ", "Citizens of Cardassia, hear me! On the surface, the ship looks identical to the USS Defiant, recently destroyed in the Second Battle of Chin'toka… Let me take a stab at what that idiom in Ferengi may literally translate as ( a la spider under the table/fly on the wall lower decks or the Vulcan's saying only Nixon can go to China). Although the stars of a series typically play dual roles on occasion, this episode features a guest star (i.e., This episode was filmed between Wednesday, During the filming of this installment, Avery Brooks helped Damar actor, This is the last episode of the series to have music, Some fans questioned the wisdom of destroying the, Quark's speech about Ferengi values and how ", Quark's claim that he is the last great Ferengi in this episode echoes, This episode reintroduces the character of. On Cardassia, Kira, Garak, and Damar lie on their cots in dejection and lament recent events to Mila when she brings them food. That story was about 2,500 years old by Picard's and Quark's time. As his loving wife Leeta embraces him and wishes him good luck, Rom is left pondering his uncertain future as he tries out the Cane of the Grand Nagus for the first time, offering only a soft-spoken "Wow". all you need is. The line must be drawn here! This far and no further!," Quark defiantly states to his brother. It is a very bitter pill for the trio to swallow. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Read on to learn how to create and format lines and arrows. While happy, she is unsure of the future, given the Bajoran Prophets' warning to Sisko, the Emissary of the Prophets, to walk his path alone. If we stand together, nothing can oppose us. The physicists are answering what they labelled a quark with no understanding of exactly what a quark is. Stand Your Ground. Quark. ", "Once the new perimeter is established, we will redouble our shipbuilding efforts and increase production of Jem'Hadar troops. For a few moments he hesitated, astounded at such a peremptory order, and at last replied, "I will do what the senate thinks right." Velal argues, and Ross cannot disagree, that breaching the Dominion's new defensive line, even if done successfully, will come at a very high cost. On the surface, the ship looks identical to the USS Defiant, recently destroyed in the Second Battle of Chin'toka. But I love ya. report. Mila, the head of housekeeping, provides them a safe haven in the basement; Kira and Garak politely ask her for a communication device, and begin cleaning their new headquarters. ", meaning that any grievance has enough data to objectively qualify such a law suit to continue. It could be a very famous line if Lilly Sloane used it or gave it to Cochrane. It works: he asks how to start, and Kira asks for directions to the nearest Jem'Hadar barracks. This far, and no further! But in universe, did Quark know who he was quoting? The Federation did rub off on him and a saying like this could have passed into his lexicon, as easily as a taste for root beer. ", "We are not spending the rest of this war in this cellar! 6 comments. But Sisko says that if they do nothing, the Dominion can sit happily behind their borders building vessels and cloning soldiers for the next few years, until they eventually launch a new offensive that would spell almost certain defeat for the Alliance. Star Trek. With a smile, Weyoun states this is the first step to the Dominion's final victory. When Grand Nagus Zek and Ishka arrive at Quark's, they are befuddled by Quark's statements; disregarding him, they turn to Rom, and announce him as the next Nagus. Quark does quote the first part correctly, OP just screwed it up. "Greed." Such a line might be "Standing has been proven! hide. While Picard has a ship and crew with which to fight against the Borg all Quark has is a bar. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Draw The Line animated GIFs to your conversations. The Nagus, over a shaky, tenuous communications channel, informs Quark that he is retiring to Risa with Ishka, Quark's mother. The Line Has To Be Drawn Here. They consider themselves to have been stupid to have ever believed that they had a chance of toppling the Dominion and that everyone will be glad they're dead. Someone once told me that time was a predator that stalked us all our lives. (Zek, in the garbled transmission a few days earlier, had mistakenly thought he was speaking to Rom, not Quark.) "That's what happens when you miss staff meetings. Peter Allan Fields Freedom is ours for the taking! Naturally, the universal translator went to its store of colloquial sayings about marking limits and taking stands, and came up with "The line must be drawn here.". Cookies help us deliver our Services. ", °since ferangi has multiple words for rainfall I'm implying whatever word is the one used to denote the type seen during a hurricane", If there's one thing any Ferengi loves more than money it would be the potential to make profit, considering they have a whole religion dedicated to such a pursuit. Note! "He is an overgrown child and she is very… confused." As he begins to leave, Sisko asks Odo to promise him he won't take matters into his own hands. Nevertheless, Quark cannot help but be delighted for his brother. CAPTION. " As heads turn throughout Ops to watch Dax and Bashir making out, Worf cuts the spectacle short by pressing a button at his console, sending the turbolift back down to the Habitat Ring. Perhaps Quark was making a note that the value of bring Negus was a toxic stock that would only depreciate in time. He did, after all, walk right out onto the bridge after talking with Lily with a change of heart - he owned it and immediately apologized to Worf for insulting his honor. This phrase would certainly have been programmed into the universal translator. ← 172nd of 173 produced in DS9 → The quote was first used during the 'Picard and Batman' war by the user benjrh, but it did not become a fad until February 2006 when the user SirLemming created a site called "Picard Teaches Art Class." Quark was not quoting Captain Picard, he was quoting Star Trek: First Contact. Whether you venture on our popular penguin safari or new photography voyages, this season’s line-up delivers sublime adventures beyond your wildest dreams. Continue … The quark and antiquark composing a meson must be a color and anticolor, here [latex]R\bar{R}\\[/latex] also adding to white. With Picard and a Borg overrun Earth the change is more striking and physical but Quark is now being faced with the Ferenginar he grew up, loved and believed in being changed to fit the Federation's vision of how societies should be run: help the poor, respect the environment, and parliamentary system and of course to fund all of these society breaking changes TAXES for the first time in Ferengi history. Press J to jump to the feed. While Damar doesn't think this amounts to much, Kira realizes they still have a chance. Go to Text Box tab on Measurement palette and when you have applied 2 or more columns, you will see option enabled to apply Line Between. First aired: 26 May 1999 Draw the line that you want the text to flow along. Only Lily and Picard knew of this conversation. For most travelers, the marquee wildlife—penguins and other birds, whales, and seals—are Antarctica’s main draw. When he suddenly realizes this, and also that he has been allowing his staff to keep their tips and was considering Leeta's request for a raise, Quark has to accept that he himself has been becoming softer and more lenient while eschewing traditional Ferengi practices. Share to Pinterest. And Occam's Razor would probably make us end there. At the climax, Quark expresses his frustration with this line and declared he won't be the negus if this is the way life would be. No More. Livy wrote about it in his History of Rome. To see this one has to calculate the expectation value for the trace of the quark propagator (Polyakov line, which is a quark observable) resulting in a three-valued path integral. One thing I have always enjoyed about Star Trek is how the writers use quotes from literature, oft-heard sayings, and historical references, often not citing their origins but trusting that its inclusion will be a nod to savvy viewers. So the idiom must also convey a connotation of annoyance and resolve. DS9, Episode 7x24 There's only seconds left before the explosive device detonates. Bashir and Dax, still agreeing to remain friends, both board the turbolift for headed for Ops; but by the time they reach there, they are locked in a passionate embrace, obviously disregarding their friends-only stance.