Majority of the apartments will have their own private outdoor space. [7][43] REO subsequently announced that the previous plan by Parkview had been dropped and that it had appointed the practice of the Uruguayan-born architect Rafael Viñoly of New York as the new master planner for the site. [60] The full redevelopment consists of seven main phases, some of which are planned to run concurrently. The proposed 2-mile tunnelled extension would branch from the Northern line at Kennington and travel west to Nine Elms and Battersea. Following the Great Kingdom crisis, the Millennium Hall faded from existence and the Power Station again took its place. However, this plan was always unlikely to bear fruit due to the Grade II listing status of the building. [59] Construction work on Phase 1, called Circus West, designed by architects SimpsonHaugh and dRMM, is being undertaken by Carillion and commenced in 2013 alongside work on the Power Station. Apple and other firms will share the site with over 4,000 homes. The proposed extension would cost at least £500 million in 2008 terms. In 1925 Parliament decided that the power grid should be a single system with uniform standards and under public ownership. [45], They include reusing part of the station building as a power station, fuelled by biomass and waste. Until the construction of the B Station, the eastern wall of the boiler house was clad in corrugated metal sheeting as a temporary enclosure. [20] It was also the most thermally efficient power station in the world when it opened. External or internal temporary structures provide support for these retained walls and in some places have done so for many years. The £750m ($1.25bn) Battersea Power Station restoration or Phase II will create 254 apartments within and above the power station. ", "Banks waive Battersea Power Station debt deadline", 'Battersea Power Station the latest attempt to save the crumbling landmark', "Chelsea make offer to buy Battersea Power Station". [14] The pollution issue was resolved by granting permission for the station on the condition that its emissions were to be treated, to ensure they were "clean and smokeless". Seven separate plans – including turning the power station into a … scheme was seriously in doubt due to concerns for the preservation of the site and the collapse of the REO scheme in late November 2011. Find a table . The station's stripped, empty interior was used as a setting for a burnt-out warehouse. [14] It was nearly identical to the A Station from the outside and was constructed directly to its east as a mirror to it, which gave the power station its now familiar four-chimney layout. However, the Twentieth Century Society, the World Monuments Fund and the Battersea Power Station Company Ltd commissioned an alternative engineers' report that claimed that the existing chimneys could be repaired. All of the station's boilers were made by Babcock & Wilcox, fuelled by pulverised coal from pulverisers also built by Babcock & Wilcox. 2 bedroom flat for sale - 2 Riverlight Quay, Nine Elms, London SW11. With all due respect, I'm not sure everyone shares your option regarding Battersea Power Station. [38], During the Parkview era several masterplans for the site were developed by various architects and subsequently discarded. The construction of the B Station brought the site's generating capacity up to 509 megawatts (MW), making it the third largest generating site in the UK at the time, providing a fifth of London's electricity needs (with the remainder supplied by 28 smaller stations). In recent years, the power station has been used for various sporting, cultural and political events. Homes located in the Boiler House Square will further face an open ar… The scheme proposed a shopping mall, with 40 to 50 restaurants, cafés and bars, 180 shops, as well as nightclubs, comedy venues and a cinema. Battersea Power Station. [16], Electricity output from Battersea A & B power stations over the period 1964-1983 was as follows.[29][30]. [40] They also criticised how appropriate the project was in its location, and proposal of other large buildings on the site. Battersea Power Station is one of central London's largest, most visionary regeneration projects with one of the country's most... 020 3641 9494. Each of the four chimneys is made from concrete and stands 103 metres (338 ft) tall with a base diameter of 8.5 metres (28 ft) tapering to 6.7 metres (22 ft) at the top.