We water our fruit trees, planted in the past couple of years, and even most of the trees planted before we bought this place. Lots of sites will likely be covering the story soon. ;) It would be free, and I could make a bunch of chili. [probably just American pushing their international standards]. This may not pass code in all areas, so check what local code officials want. Our blog has quite a few articles on tiny homes and mobile homes. When we choose to live another path; we choose segregation, misunderstanding and even animosity. telling ourselves it would be easier to get forgiveness than permission. Funny, Every time I get a new post sent to me there are always two of them, the exact same thing. Of all the code violations ever sent and or recorded as a guilty finding against their property was ever allowed to defend the alleged violation at any type of hearing. The permitting process has been an ordeal. Codes are usually not updated every year because frequent changes lead to confusion It’s much easier to a code for 5-10 years or whatever. If it’s California most likely we would want to build with earth bags. MO. How difficult is it to build a earth home in Mississippi ? So obviously the existing codes there failed to prevent the problem. Turn left on 11W and there is a Food City grocery, pharmacy, small medical clinic–then in about 20 minutes you’ll hit the large city of Knoxville which has everything (one straight road to everything–11W). Thanks. It pays to be diligent and seek out other options, resources, etc. Here’s the latest food gestapo news.