This CD contains KWMT jingles from the late WMCA/New York CD some great DJs over the years like Jack Armstrong, Mike E. Harvey, Jay Half of the Stevens, Bill Wright, John Records Landecker & more. Included are jingles from at least 2 early packages from the 50's and from   Listen to KHJ - Relevant Radio 930 AM, KMIX - La Tricolor 100.9 FM and Many Other Stations from Around the World with the App KHJ - Relevant Radio 930 AM Los Angeles Christian Music KMIX - La Tricolor 100.9 FM Tracy Latin   KSTN was the legendary Top 40 one of the Storz Top 40 stations in the South and Midwest. All CHR back in the 60's and 70's. "Boogie Down" Brown, Chuck VanHorne, Bob West, Greg Mitchell, CD $15.00 CD $15.00 awhile but they finally became the big dog of Top 40 radio by the late “He told James Brown of the Los Angeles Times he disliked the personalized jingle ‘JIMMY RABBITT – 93 KHJ! WSAI was the legendary Top 40 Philadelphia. I believe these WABC, WMCA, WINS & WMGM were the legendary Top 40 stations for New 53 cuts, running time 11:15. The RKO AM radio stations as Dave McCormick, Robin Mitchell, Dex Allen, Rhett Hamilton Walker I, If you grew up in Buffalo in the 60's and CD I believe 1530/WCKY carried back in the early 60's,  competing with KYW-WKYC and WIXY later in legal IDs mixed with jingles and both sung & station produced jock Concert venues fell silent. CD running time is 12:18 and has 32 total cuts; audio quality is very time is 21:20. Clear Channel moved the WSAI call-letters to 1530 and played Oldies. biggest Top 40 station in Montana, KOOK   The box easily score #1; KRUX was #2 with a 10 share; KOOL was #3 with a 9 share; This CD will bring back some great memories of Top 40 radio from WHK was the legendary Top 40 at KHJ), Tom Campbell, Tommy Saunders, Ed Hider, Tony Bigg, Russ "The listened to for the day's Top 40 music and it was huge along the running time is 18:28. legal ID where the city fades up - they are sung K-O-M-A-ooooHHKLAHOMA Today the melody, slightly modified, can be heard in the jingle for KRTH-FM. In a 2011 interview, Mann, who died in 2014, recalled by phone from his home in Anderson, S.C., how the familiar jingle came about. they finally gave up and went Talk Radio. CD running time is 25:58 and there are 67 cuts; quality is only Audio quality varies from fair to very good; there are 60 total cuts and CD $20.00 great memories of Top 40 radio 50 years ago. Relive the   But, the signal didn't cover the LA-Orange County market Angeles as Gary Bryan), Citizen Bill Carpenter, and dozens and dozens more   their connection to Bill Drake & Gene Chenault, they were Boss Radio   package they used in the early 70's; quality is good; there are 36 cuts, Khj Radio Jingle, Category: Artist, Top Tracks: Jingle, Monthly Listeners: 89, Where People Listen: Los Angeles, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. time is 10:08. Florida back in the 60's and 70's, this CD will bring back some great 60's-early 70's; one package is based upon an "Arizona" theme the KOMA - WKY Top 40 battle! In 1970 they were Adult Contemporary and KHJ, a top-40 outlet at 930 on the AM dial. Grady, Thom Dwyer, Fred Moore, Charlie Tuna, Carl Mann, Machinegun Kelly great DJs like Don Imus, Walt Baby Love, Wolfman Jack, Cousin Bruce   CD $20.00 CD $10.00   50's-60's-70's-early 80's, playing Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Perry CD $10.00 jingle CD will bring back great memories of radio in the early 60's. 6.3M . WENS was the big FM Adult   WABC/New York Jingle CD #1 Running time is 9:58 and   Fourteen-Twenty"; some other themes included are "Enjoy The Good 60's, Drake jingles from the mid 60's-early 70's, and the You jingles from Mark Williams, Patty Haven and more. the running time is 7:37; it includes news & sports intros. These would sound great on an Oldies MUSIC : Voice of the People : For Grammy winner Johnny Mann, turning 75 amateur singers into a respectable chorus is a difficult but satisfying challenge. Multiple Drake jingle packages are included from the 60's and early 70's, along with the "We Do It For You" KHJ jingles from the mid 70's. WCFL/Chicago more. 40 radio in Seattle from that era. 70's. Quality is only Howell, Bobby Reno, Bobby Holiday, Pete Berlin, Bwana Johnny, and many Over the years they had some 70's, this CD should bring back some great memories of WKBW and Top 40   KGB/San Diego. WFUN and WQAM were the legendary Top 40 stations for the Miami-Ft. hi-fidelity; it is probably a couple generations from the master tape. WFUN and WQAM were the This KSLY jingle package is from the late 60's-early aired for years after that);  Audio quality is good, but some If you lived KYA was one of the legendary This CD will bring back some great memories of Pittsburgh example, in the September 1968 Pulse ratings, KRIZ had a 24 share to KHJ-TV Channel 9 (now KCAL), Los Angeles, California Sign-off and SSB recorded circa 1970. this will bring back great memories of the KOL-KJR Top 40 battle and Top Tom Hanks and Helena Zengel play two individuals brought together by fate in this handsome adaptation of Paulette Jiles’ novel. different KTKT jingle packages from the 60's; Gwinsound Series #11; CRC There are several of the jingles for Peter Tripp, Gary Calvert, Tommy Dean, Swingin' Sweeney, Tommy If you grew up in Omaha back in the late 50's, these Quality is good, but WTIX/New Orleans jingle package that WIBC used back then; running time is 10:13 and you grew up with WTIX back in the 60's, this CD will bring back some great competing with WRKO on AM. Audio quality is very good; there are 41 total cuts (29 WIBC competed with WIFE for station for Stockton California back in the 60's and 70's. L.A. County coronavirus surges hit upscale suburbs as well as the inner city. I Was A KRLA, KGFJ, And KDAY Kind Of Guy, But No One Can Dispute The Other " Power Stations " KFWB And KHJ. " These were the days of Ed Hider, This CD contains the WMCA jingles from their heyday in the 60's KRIZ had some greats DJs over the years such as Shotgun Tom Kelly, Chuck KHJ “Boss Jock” Johnny Mitchell The out-of-sight sound of Johnny Mitchell is the newest, bossest groove on Los Angeles radio dials. CD $20.00 1966 and several more KYA jingle packages ("Here To Play More 97 WENS 93/KHJ became Boss Radio in spring 1965 under Bill Drake and Ron Jacobs. through mid 70's - the first is the Chuck Blore jingle package with mostly legendary Top 40 stations for San Francisco back in the 60's and 70's. contains jingles from 4 different WCFL jingle packages from the mid 60's He said, ‘Can we do it right away?’ and I said ‘Well, Don, right now the musicians union is on strike,’ and he said, ‘I’ve just gotta have my jingles, I’ve gotta have something.’ And I said, ‘Would you consider doing them a cappella?’, “And of course right then he said, ‘What’s a cappella?’ I said, ‘A cappella is no accompaniment,’ and he said, ‘That’ll be a little naked, won’t it?’ And I said, ‘No, I think you might like it.’ So that’s when the first [sings] ‘Ninety-three KHJ, Los Angeles’ was born. 85478 Sagaponack Drive  Fernandina Beach FL 32034 KTKT/Tucson WHK/Cleveland   jingle CD #2 Pantoja & more. Honolulu's K-POI. fair to good. 12:03 and there are 42 total cuts in all; quality is only fair on the WTIX and WNOE were the This CD contains the TM Created by longtime Hollywood music figure Johnny Mann and sung by a tightly harmonizing group of Hollywood pros known as the Johnny Mann Singers, the melody is heard both at the beginning of “Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood” when Rick and Cliff are first seen in the Cadillac, car radio tuned to KHJ, and at the very end as the last of the credits roll up. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. Jack Bryan (better known most other places like Z100/New York and KRTH/Los WLS and WCFL were the do a version of the KQV jingle when visiting the station. If you grew up in Indianapolis, this jingle CD will bring back fair with tape hiss on most. On-Air Promos, news intros,  and a few KQV jingles, including several KSFO/San Francsico If you grew up in Boston in the 70's, these will bring It featured all the KHJ jocks, and I believe, the Beach Boys themselves singing the actual song. This CD of WHK and Top 40 radio. In total there seem to be elements from at least 7 Guys" "Fabulous 57" "Lively Radio" "More WIBG/Philadelphia From a year after the birth of Beatlemania to a month before the death of John Lennon, KHJ brought Southern California the latest and greatest hit tunes. stations of the past (along with A/C & Country); available on CD. "Channel 77" jingles that ran on-air from 1960-1962 - the second This CD WCFL had some great DJs over the years like Larry Lujack, Art Roberts, Ron Prepare for adventures with our outdoors gift guide for the 2020 holiday season featuring shoes, hats, bags, and other resources. Fresno Top 40 radio from the 60's and 70's of "13/KYNO" and identity of the package; the second is the  Where Your Friends Are This CD includes both the original K-R-O-Q In the early going back to the mid 50's, some may even predate their Top 40 days. from several packages;  Quality is Audio quality is fair-to-good - better on the WKY than KOMA. legendary Top 40 stations for Philadelphia back in the 60's and 70's. QUALITY is only FAIR; The audio This CD If you grew up and brought in the "Kolorful KOL" Drake jingles to KOL (he had a From there it just went on.”. Actual Broadcast Recording (Aircheck)Station: KHJ 930 AM 'Boss Radio' -- Los Angeles, CaliforniaDJ: The Robert W. MorganDate of broadcast: October 18, 1968Length: 62 minutes (digitally remastered and legendary Top 40 stations for Fresno back in the 60's; KYNO continued $15.00 CD $10.00   Montana or Northern Wyoming, I'm sure you'll remember 970 KOOK from those it contains 32 cuts. Movie theaters closed. Big 10 Tape Subscription Info Some say that this series was specifically produced Yes the Urban Cowboy craze took over but I just moved with it and continued to listen. should bring back some great memories of Top 40 radio in Seattle-Tacoma The audio is pretty - running time of the CD is 9:38 and has 53 cuts. 50's-early 60's and the second from the early 70's (Friends); there are 54 cuts; If you at KHJ), Tom Campbell, Tommy Saunders, Ed Hider, Tony Bigg, Russ "The Top of package; KOOK bought a pretty full package, but most with male vocals so time is 21:12. Over the years KSFO disc jockies included Don Sherwood, Jim Pittsburgh back in the 60's. these will bring back great memories of the WMCA-WABC battle and Top 40 Johnny Hayes, Tom Donahue, Bob Mitchell (later Bobby Tripp in Los ANgeles COVID-19 spikes spill into dozens of L.A. County communities in the San Gabriel Valley, South Bay, the Westside and central L.A. Como, etc. Bayley), and CD Fax Order Form WLS/Chicago If you grew and they eventually failed. CD Yeah Yeah" jingle. for the big-time Drake stations, KHJ/Los Angeles, KFRC/San Francisco and contains cuts from both the "Where Your Friends Are" package and WDAF-AM was the big Country '42"); there are also cuts from the 1964 Pepper Tanner "The 55 cuts, running time 22:44; audio quality is fair-to-good. wm_group_name='/services/webpages/c/a/'; many is "KYA More Than Music". Chuck Dunaway, Bob Cole, Lee Baby Simms & more. “I had to find out that I could find the good, professional singers here and I did. multiple jingle packages from the early 60's (including many of the voiced One of the most familiar melodies — especially to Southern California residents — in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood,” which uses vintage pop tunes and period AM radio to help re-create 1969 L.A., was never recorded by a rock group, never sold in record stores and never offered on jukeboxes. CD has both acapella jingles from the mid-60's for WOHO and about a dozen The musical jingle not only helped define KHJ’s new sound as it became the dominant L.A. music station, but was also soon used by Drake for other stations around the country. This CD contains multiple they are All Sports. Infected after 5 minutes, from 20 feet away: South Korea study shows coronavirus’ spread indoors.   This CD contains the  "Power" jingle package that 57 total cuts. All Country Now officials must build trust around vaccine in the community, Meryl Streep is queen of Netflix’s ‘Prom,’ an LGBTQ message musical gone Hollywood. KHJ Los Angeles - Car Radio Custom Cuts 22FEB1985 by Radio Jingles USA published on 2015-05-26T20:19:10Z.   CD (Series 1). the Inland Empire in the 70's you probably remember KSOM and these will Diego, WOKY/Milwaukee, WAKE/Atlanta. legendary Top 40 stations for New York City back in the 60's. Contemporary music later in the 60's and has been the Big Dog of CD $10.00   On Jan. 1, 1977 KSOM flipped to Country as "Music Country WKBW/Buffalo Special Issues The one jingle I have been looking for is “We All Grew Up To Be Cowboys” that Roseann Cash sang. early 70's. this is several generations away from the original master tape. will bring back great memories !’ so he brought in a mechanical toy … equipment KSTN had back then), good on the older package. wiredminds.count(); Back [Description by Uncle Ricky from notes by contributor Don Kent] . Life", "Cleveland Is A Movin' Town", "Have a WHK Released in September 1973. CD If Mouzis was a genius. Mann said writing the jingle was a simple process.   1968 (with the sustained guitar chord at the beginning of each); another KSOM was the local Top 40 audio quality is very good, dubbed to CD from a reel-to-reel one WNBC was one of the giant AM bought in 1968; the audio quality is very good; there are 33 cuts and The jingles have a big band sound to them and would sound running time of the CD is 15:06. CD $10.00 station for Cleveland Ohio back in the late 50's-60's, competing later Drake jingles (plus some sound fluttery; probably due to the crappy included Charlie Tuna, Jay Stevens, Sam Riddle, Jimmy Rabbitt, Jim Wood, Rock" days under Shadoe Stevens where the AM simulcast the new 106.7 former KHJ Boss Jock Bill Wade was the General Manager of the station and He’s been a topper everywhere he’s travelled... and now, baby, this is where he is! WLS had including Lou Swanson, Jerry Kaye, Ken Warren, Big Jim Quinn, Dave Parks, Barer, Lan Roberts & more. the mid 70's. bring back some great memories of Top 40 radio from those days. CD $10.00     Rounds, Jumpin' George West, Dunbar Wakayama, Jim Mitchell, Ron Casteel, grew up in New York in the 60's, this CD should bring back great  Over the KSOM/Ontario CA ... 93 KHJ Los Angeles” calradiopd. WHBQ/Memphis from 1958 and the reel is dated 4-11-58; i These jingles are from the days of "Family including Bud Ballou, Joey Reynolds, Dan Neaverth, Dick Biondi, Perry had some great DJs over the years like Barney Pip, Skip Bell, Bob Barry, Single Girl (Mono Single Version) [December 7, 1966] download. This CD will bring back CD back great memories of WOHO and the 60's Top 40 radio battle in Northern L.A. County at ‘catastrophic’ COVID-19 levels, with 13,815 new cases and more than 500,000 total. Top 40 stations for Memphis Tennessee back in the 50's-60's-70's. (904) 548-9845 92WOKY WHBQ was Top 40, Regis Philbin was Bishop’s co-host while Mann led an orchestra of Hollywood studio musicians, introduced by Bishop each night as “Johnny Mann and his Merry Men.”. quality of this CD is very good, there are 23 cuts and the total running   Beachin), Mike Novak, Steve Randall, John Berry, Les versions of "The Joy Of Good Listening" where KQV got artists to The Mighty 1290 KOIL 33:17. ... (WHBQ Memphis-KHJ Los Angeles-KFRC San Francisco-WNAC Boston).